Pet Insurance (Yes or No)

Many people do not think of getting insurance for their pet thinking it is not necessary or a luxury.  I personally feel that Pet Insurance is well worth it.  I have only dealt with 1 company VPI Insurance so I cannot compare it to others.  They have several different plans available for pets depending on the pets age group (Puppy, Adult, Senior).  Puppy care covers vaccinations, boosters, spay/neutering.  Adult care includes dental care ear and skin infections etc.  And Senior care covers things like cardiac care.

While I do not know how good other insurance companies maybe.  VPI is truly excellent.  Customer service is very helpful and friendly.  The process of being reimbursed is very simple–you simply fax them the receipt from the Vet and about 2 weeks later you get a check in the mail.

We have needed the insurance for 2 lipomas (benign), spaying, dental care, as well as all our pets vaccinations/boosters.  Recently our Vet heard a heart murmur and we had to take our dog to a Veterinary Cardiologist.  Thankfully everything turned out to be ok. But having the insurance was really lucky–the bill for the Cardiologist was over $850!!

So I would highly recommend getting Pet Insurance.


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