Book Review: Brian Haig’s The President’s Assassin

I have become addicted to Brian Haig’s books.  They are really enjoyable, fast paced and cleverly written.  I really enjoyed the President’s Assassin.  I thought the book was much better than his last one Man in the Middle.  In this book Sean Drummond is back with his trademark smart-ass character.  But he is a clever military lawyer who is on loan to the CIA in this book.  He gets drawn into a murder investigation by the FBI and that is where the action begins.  There are so many twists and turns it will make your head spin. 

Sean Drummond, the JAG attorney whose crime-solving skills are almost matched by his ability to tick people off, has a new assignment: working for the Office of Special Projects, a CIA offshoot. Not long after his reassignment, Drummond is called to a murder scene where one of the six victims is the White House Chief of Staff and where a note was found in which the assassin threatens the life of the president. In this kind of thriller, the outcome isn’t much of a mystery; it’s how we get to the outcome that counts, and Haig leads us there through a series of plot twists, shortcuts, and dead ends that never fail to keep us on our toes. Haig is still developing as a novelist, and readers familiar with his previous books will note that Haig’s appeal is no longer purely plot driven. Action is still his calling card, but his supporting characters are becoming more fleshed out, his dialogue smoother.


Book Recommendation: The Damascus Letter–A Spy Thriller

Just discovered a new writer named Daniel Dick.  The Damascus Letter is a super fast paced Spy Thriller.  I highly recommend this book.  If you like writers like Daniel Silva or Vince Flynn you will love this book.

Akil Hassan was the CIA’s top agent inside the Middle East, a natural destined for an illustrious career, until he broke the Agency’s rules. Cast out, his dreams shattered, he’s now being offered a second chance. What he doesn’t realize is that his life is about to be turned upside down, because tomorrow morning a terrorist is going to unleash a group of suicide bombers on New York City killing hundreds of innocent civilians, including a member of Akil’s own family. But the bloodshed, as bad as it is going to be, is nothing compared to what’s coming next. Intelligence out of Baghdad indicates a far deadlier attack is in the works, one involving the highest levels of the Iranian government. In order to stop it, Akil will have to channel his emotions, confront his past, and risk his future by breaking the Agency’s rules all over again. And this time there will be no second chances.