Review: Nespresso Latissima

This is a great machine–very easy to use and practical. The best part is that the milk container that comes with the machine can be placed in the refrigerator and then when you want to make a coffee you just put it back onto the machine. The quality of the Espresso and Cappuccino are excellent. And at roughly 52 cents for each coffee it is much cheaper than Starbucks. The quality is also much better.

It has a compact design. Single press button cleans milk container. Machine is an easy clean up: pods mean no messy coffee grounds.


One thought on “Review: Nespresso Latissima

  1. Ahh… If only the coffee this thing produced looked anything like the photo. I was very excited to get my Latissima however so far I’ve had to send it back 2 times because it refuses to remember my programmed milk and coffee volume settings, and I also need pre-heat my coffee cup because the espresso comes out only kind of hot. Here’s hoping the 2nd repair works! At least they provide you a loaner while yours is out getting fixed.

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