Fly Clear is a service all travelers should consider

I highly recommend a service called Fly Clear if you fly a lot.  It will save you at least 30 minutes each time you fly.  Basically you no longer have to wait in a security line.  What you do is apply–as part of the application process they will ask all sorts of info about you and you will need to give finger prints (which can be done in the airport at one of their stands) so they can identify you.  Once you are approved there is a special line only for clear members ( you will provide your card and they will scan your fingerprints)–every time I have used Clear there has never been even 1 person in line ahead of me.  They have locations now all over the USA.  There is a link to the site below and please use the refer-a friend code this gives you a complimentary month of membership.  

Your Refer-A-Friend code: DSCAM1176418

Clear’s Refer-A-Friend Offer
If you love Clear as much as we do, tell your friends! Members who refer friends and family to enroll in Clear can receive complimentary months of Clear membership. For every new member you refer to Clear, we will add one free month of Clear membership to your account and to your friend’s account, too. In order to receive the complimentary month of membership, your friend must enter your “Refer-A-Friend” code on the payment page of online enrollment. For more details, please or call Clear support at (866) 848-2415


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